Unboxing the Microgreen Home Grower Starter Kit

Is growing plants at home difficult? Not at all! Below is my growing guide for total beginners. I’m the one who built the DoSo website, and I am sure that my experience setting up the starter kit is exactly the same as any other beginner’s would be. In fact, I am about as far away from a botanist as anyone could be, and this is the first time I tried growing anything from seeds. It’s also my first time growing microgreens. Long story short — I’m a complete and total beginner.

So I ordered a kit, which arrived at my doorstep 3 days later. Everything was packed really nicely without being overwhelming.

The kit comes with plastic boxes, dirt, seeds and instructions.

OK, here we go. Put the soil in the boxes. Sprinkle the seeds over the soil. Add a little bit of water. Close the boxes. And that’s it!

I swear — this took me five minutes tops from opening the box to finish. It’s so quick that I wanted to do this with my xxxx to find an activity but the cartoon finished before I did. Honestly, I think starting this entire batch of microgreens took less time than it would to say a toast — and it was just about as difficult.

Here we can see how our microgreens changed over a couple days.

<left: black radish, right: arugula>

Day 1: the day after

There is NO WAY it grew that fast. We’re only talking 18 hours here. It’s too bad my money doesn’t grow like this in the bank …

Day 2: Sorry, but I forgot to take a picture this day.

Day 3:

OK, now this is ridiculous. I could already eat them, but let’s give them a chance to grow a little more first.

Day 4: ready to cut.

Day 8: the last of the black radish.

Here, this salad took about 1/4 of my box. This went rather quickly since it’s good and I love how it tastes.


Do you like fresh produce? If so, then there is NO excuse not to start growing microgreens at home (except maybe for buying DoSo’s ready-made products). It’s super easy, incredibly delicious and requires zero knowledge of plants. Also, it looks cute sitting there on the window sill.


Buy more seeds than what comes with the base kit! It’s very likely you’ll end up getting hooked, and your plants will go quickly since you will start to put them on everything. Also, always having at least two microgardens, one as a “culture” and another as “harvest”, will provide you with a constant dose of DoSo. It’s also easy to find seedbed in almost any garden store.

Thanks to Vicky (owner of DoSo) for this product. It’s easy, tasty and environmentally friendly (the trays can be reused a bunch of times, waste is kept to a strict minimum, and the plant roots can be composted).