By: Vicky Lefebvre-Vincent

 C'est moi, Vicky!


Welcome to DoSo microgreens!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vicky, and I’m the founder of DoSo microgreens. I’m also a huge foodie and have always been interested in the agro-food field. Following this passion, I studied professional cooking at ITHQ in 2005 and then worked in the restaurant field shortly thereafter. I started growing microgreens and sprouts from home (in Montreal at the time), since I was super unsatisfied with the retail market’s lack of freshness and diversity. So I tried a few things out and, soon enough, loved what I was seeing. Friends and family started asking me for bunches of plants every week, and voilà, this project began. However, DoSo’s flagship microgreen product — MICROGARDENS — had not yet come into fruition.

This would be in 2013, when running a market test of the Val-David Christmas market. I decided to try offering microgreens directly in their planters, ready to be harvested. Things sold well, and I received some promising comments and a sizeable demand. So the microgarden became our company’s main product. During this time, I graduated from the University of Quebec – Montreal in gastronomical management and sociocultural practices. After this, I continued my studies, earning a degree in administration from HEC Montreal.

So there’s a short overview of my background, which, truth be told, is much less straight and narrow. Entrepreneurship is an amazing adventure when we dare cast our fears aside and open ourselves up to others.

Several people have contributed to making this project successful, both financially and morally. DoSo Microgreens would not be able to provide you products online without the help of these people. My family and friends, customers and partners, the CLD des Jardins-de-Napierville and certain professors have all supported me in this endeavor, and I want to thank them all for their help!

It’s my pleasure to deliver you these products and help put some life on your plates!

From your micro-grower team