Our Microgreen Creations


Enjolivez vos réceptions avec nos micro-pousses

Beautify your kitchen all while using and harvesting your microgreens.
A very original gift for your guests! And much better than a bottle of wine! With our microgreen creations, you’re giving health, flavor and a culinary presentation.
This section is still in development, but if you have some special events planned (wedding, personal or business awards or an upcoming business event) and are interested in this idea, you can contact us and we can help create your idea and bring it to life!
Events we have put on:

  • Sponsorship at C2mtl 2016 (collaboration with lunchbox)
  • Atwater market during the 2015 holiday season
  • Christmas giveaway for employees of an engineering firm
  • Sponsorship for the 25th anniversary of Laval’s roundtable on the feminine condition in 2014 (table centerpiece with hand-painted logo).
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