Become a Drop-off Point

Receive DoSovores!

We are in the process of getting a network of partners started in order to ship your products for free. Drop-off points may be located at local companies or cafes, at recreation centers or yoga studios. Our pick-up points help boost the vitality and economy of these neighborhoods.
If you have a refrigerated space or a space to hold our coolers and want to work with us, please provide us the following information along with your subject by clicking on the Contact Us button below. Make sure to include the following information: name of organization, type (convenience store, cafe, studio, etc.), address, contact person, phone number, business hours, day(s) of the week you can receive our products, access (stairs, loading area, etc.).
We pay you 10% of sales (quarterly) as well as a bonus for each first-time order where you referred us.
A person from our customer service team will contact you shortly.